A little bit of Nutrisystem goes a long way

Hi. I’m Jessica and I’m the owner of a mid-sized job placement company in Ithaca, New York. I started the company along with my brother partnered to open “Smith and Smith” and now, 3 years later, I’m proud to say that we’ve created a successful company with 29 employees and a well-functioning business. We work with providing people with all kinds of temporary and permanent jobs across different fields and specialties. However, the story I want to share today is not of our business’ story but the success story we had with using Nutrisystem coupons as part of our company’s health initiative.

Nutrisystem Helped Me Lose Weight After My First Baby

A year back, my friend recommended Nutrisystem as a means of reducing my pot-belly and I tested it for a few months by adding Nutrisystem’s diet to my life. Lo and behold! The results were amazing and the pot-belly I was speaking of? They were long gone. When an employee of mine, Christie asked me the secret to my quick and easy weight loss, I recommended Nutrisystem and soon, word got around and a good chunk of the company’s employees were hooked on to the wonder that is Nutrisystem and the Nutrisystem promo codes.

This is when my brother suggested that we finally give flight to the “Health Initiative” we were planning for the longest time. We basically wanted to provide all our employees the access to a healthier life. We planned gym memberships as company benefits but after a lack of enthusiasm from employees, we were looking for an easier alternative for our employees to follow. Then, we suggested Nutrisystem in one of our meetings and the idea of “Eating in order to lose weight” got such a great response that we immediately implemented it by starting off with Nutrisystem discount codes and then moving forward to more.

Nutrisystem Meal Variety is the Spice of Life

The thing about Nutrisystem is that it has a range of food products that people actually enjoy eating. I’ve noticed that employees actually discuss Nutrisystem during breaks as well. Instead of providing bland, tasteless food, Nutrisystem has a bunch of delicious but healthy food and everybody exchanges their own personalized meal plans and favourites with each other. I, myself took a recommendation from my manager, Jay and loved the Chicken Stew he suggested. It’s a great way to boost company morale and productivity and looking at the way my employees are constantly on the quest to find a different Nutrisystem promo code each week, I am assured that we made a great decision implementing Nutrisystem in our lives.

Vegetarian and want to be on Nutrisystem? No worries

Martha, my secretary is a vegetarian. It’s just something about those cute animals that make me barf at the thought of meat she always states. So, when the whole hype of Nutrisystem started going around the office, she along with a few other vegetarian employees felt left out. For a few weeks, they excluded themselves from our health initiative but after Martha made an effort to look up Nutrisystem online, she found that they have a great vegetarian meal plan as well. She quickly jumped into the Nutrisystem bandwagon and I even gave her a few coupon codes that work on Nutrisystem website to make up for the few weeks she had missed.

Nutrisystem Online Support

After Martha told me about her online research, I planned to do some of my own. Previously, my only contact with the company was through the customer service number my friend provided me with. After going online, I saw that they had an entire webpage dedicated to customer service. I found an entire online community that swore by Nutrisystem and exchanged a lot of information on healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle as a whole. The official Nutrisystem has a bunch of web tools and if you sign up for email subscriptions, you’ll be one of the first to be notified about the various Nutrisystem promo codes and offers they keep coming up with.

Healthy Eating has never been cheaper

Before Nutrisystem, our company had planned to bring healthier options to the coffee break room but after a month or few of bringing pricey oatmeal cookies and organic snacks, we found those to be a little too expensive for our company budget. The slim milk which has less dairy content was costlier than whole milk, organic sandwiches which tasted bad was more expensive than the cheap takeout and similarly,  other healthy options were simply too expensive. My brother, Jay even jokingly said that in this day and age, eating less seemed to be more expensive but now that we have Nutrisystem in our life, we don’t worry about prices. The meal plans are already affordable to begin with but due to various Nutrisystem coupon codes that are easily available in magazines, online etc. it becomes unbelievably cheap.

Personally Delivered Goodness

The thing about Nutrisystem is that it delivers the food right to your doorstep, or in this case, the company building entrance. What this means for our employees is that they don’t have to waste unnecessary time. It would usually take them their entire lunch break to find a food joint and eat. After eating from either a food truck or a fast-food chain, they’d start to feel sluggish and as a result, they wouldn’t want to work at all. As a result, the entirety of our afternoon was unproductive and useless. Now that we have Nutrisystem with us, both our mornings and afternoons are equally productive and no time is wasted unnecessarily. (The time we use up to scour the internet for Nutrisystem discount codes notwithstanding)

Nutrisystem has done wonders for each and every employee of the Smith and Smith Company and if anybody asks us the secret to such a great, healthy work environment, I don’t hesitate to recommend Nutrisystem. If my story alone hasn’t encouraged you to bring Nutrisystem to your workplace as well, I ask you to try it and see the results firsthand. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed at all.

Too long, didn’t read? Here’s a list summarizing all the pros and cons of Nutrisystem



  • Difficult t to return to normal meals
  • Cannot eat out as often
  • No vegan option
  • No meals for allergies

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